HOGARnoticiasFengle Perfume organizó una salida de otoño

Fengle Perfume organizó una salida de otoño


On November 17th, Fengle perfume organized an autumn outing, with a total of more than 130 employees taking part in the activity, which aimed at getting close to nature, relaxing and enhancing the relationship in the activity together.

Early in the morning, all the workers carried out a 6-kilometer hiking activity in the park. On the sides of street with pleasant views, everyone ran or walked, while taking out their cell phones to take pictures of the beautiful scenery along the way.

In the afternoon, the sun shone brightly, everyone was divided into 10 teams participated in tug-of-war, looking for bottles with blindfolded and other games, which site was full of laughter and shouting.

After the outing, all the employees get great relaxation physically and mentally, and also deepened their trust in each other's working partners.

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