RUMAHberitaFengle Perfume melawat pelanggan penting di Thailand

Fengle Perfume melawat pelanggan penting di Thailand


The Thai market, as a traditional menthol application market, which holds a significant position in the global market. In October, the international trade team of Anhui Fengle Perfume Co.,Ltd. embarked on the journey to visit Thailand market. During the visit, Fengle perfume team has visited 6 core customers in Thailand and communicated with terminal customer to understand the situation of their inventory and sales , and reached a consensus on the market trend of mint in 2023.

With this visit, Fengle perfume has introduced the sales policy and quality supervision system, and also made a detailed introduction on the construction of new plant, new product R&D etc. Fengle Perfume team actively collected customer personalized needs, which provided a guarantee for the improvement of the product and service quality in the later stage.

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